Turkey's First Space Qualified National Solar Cell, Developed in Our Center, is in Orbit with the KILIÇSAT Satellite!
17 April 2023 | 14:09

Turkey's first space-qualified national solar cell (GZ PV), developed within the scope of the project carried out at Gazi University Photonics Application and Research Center under the supervision of Prof Süleyman Özçelik, was installed on the KILIÇSAT satellite as an experimental payload in order to test in space conditions.
KILIÇSAT, which was launched into space on April 15, 2023, successfully reached its mission location in orbit (LEO) at an altitude of 500 km and started sending signals continuously.
We are happy and proud to contribute to the development of national space technologies with a space-qualified solar cell product.kılıçsat-2-1kılıçsat-1-1kılıçsat-3-1

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