Quality Policy

Our quality policy that is to develop competitive and innovative technologies based on R&D studies in the field of optical-photonics and semiconductor technologies in line with the scientific and technological development strategies of our country and the strategic goals of our university, and to be a research center that carries out its activities based on the principles of efficiency, openness, honesty and respect. The created quality policy includes the principles listed below:

  • To provide innovative R&D support to the sector by constantly following scientific and technological developments,

  • To contribute to the development of the international competitiveness of our country's industry by conducting R&D studies that can be transformed into products,

  • To keep our research infrastructure open to researchers working in universities and other research institutions in our country,

  • To contribute to the training of qualified researchers in the field of photonic technologies,

  • To increase efficiency by ensuring the continuity of the quality management system,

  • To provide the qualified material, analysis and test needs of institutions and the sector on time and in accordance with the standards,

  • To provide the necessary organization and infrastructure to supply with all the technological and scientific needs of the sector in the field of photonics and semiconductor technologies,

  • Adhering to the principles of impartiality, accuracy and confidentiality in the services provided,

  • Developing and implementing projects in line with the technological development goals of our country,

  • To increase knowledge sharing and cooperation in technologies in our field of activity by organizing seminars, conferences and workshops,

  • It is to avoid activities that harm the environment and living life.


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