Historical Development

Gazi Photonics is a Thematic Center open to all researchers in our country to acquire the production technologies of devices and to contribute to the training of qualified researchers and in order to carry out research and development activities for the development of production methods and technologies of photonic and semiconductor materials, device components and systems in the field of photonics which is the key technology of the future. It was established in 2011 within the scope of the Photonics Research Center supported by the Ministry of Development, by combining the infrastructure of the Semiconductor Technologies Advanced Research Laboratory (Starlab), which was established within the scope of the project called Advanced Research and Education Programs supported by the State Planning Organization in 2001. The Center whose infrastructure has been strengthened with many projects carried out and in progress, aims to increase the competitiveness of various industrial products in the markets by transferring innovative products developed within the scope of semiconductor and photonic technologies to the industry, to increase the qualified manpower needed by the industry and to contribute to national development and the increase of the welfare level of our people.

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