Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


To ensure the production of information and technology in order to develop domestic products with high added value in the field of photonics, to contribute to the training of researchers who produce and apply modern technologies, to carry out R&D studies that can be turned into products and to contribute to the development of the international competitiveness of the country's industry.



To be the leader of knowledge, innovation and technologies in photonics



Photonics Application and Research Center;

  • Pioneer in advanced scientific research and technology development in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology and microtechnology,
  • Have academic and ethical values,
  • Hosting studies with high impact factor,
  • Supporting research at the interdisciplinary level,
  • Aiming to train expert researchers,
  • Aiming at the development of domestic technologies,
  • Meeting of universities, industry and other research institutions around common goals

adopt the concept.



  • Increasing domestic and international cooperation
  • Increasing the number of students, researchers and PhD researchers
  • Publishing in high-impact journals
  • Increasing the number of patents in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology, microtechnology
  • Developing photonic device technologies such as solar cell, photodetector, biosensor, multi-color LED and laser
  • Training qualified researchers for the sector/other research institutions
  • Providing services to public institutions and organizations and the private sector in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology, advanced materials and renewable energy sources, lighting
  • Providing awareness and dissemination of information sharing by increasing activities in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology and microtechnology
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