• The Center, supported by Development Ministry of Turkey, was started R&D activities for development of photonic devices in 2001.
  • Center is a pioneer in the development of technologies related to R&D activities in such growing of Germanium and Sapphire bulk monocrystal and epitaxialy growing of III-V by MBE system
  • Development of multi-junction photovoltaic solar cells for space and terestial application and production of their prototypes
  • Development and production of electro-optical device structures depend on III-V semiconductor and fabrication of the devices such as infrared photodetectors, sensors, LD, LED, etc.
  • The Center has a special capability on the development of metal, metal-oxide, metal-sulfide, etc. based semiconductor thin film and related devices such as chemical gas sensors, UV-detectors, Energy saving glass, band pass filters etc.
  • Development of thin film solar cells based on CZTS, CIGS, etc
  • Center has a special capability on advanced characterization and fabrication infrastructure.
  • The Center executes several national and international projects.